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All programming and design is original, unless otherwise noted.
Development environment: HomeSite 4.0, NN 4.5, IE 5.0
Examples of VB programming available upon request.
Due to lack of current server support, .asp/Access database examples are currently non-functioning.



Hardy Plant Society

HPSO Site:

HPSO ("Hardy Plant Society of Oregon") is a non-profit organization supporting the use of perennial plants in the landscape. The HPSO Web Committee recently completed a redesign of its web site. The Web Committee is comprised predominantly of volunteer web developers.

Original Hardy Plant Society web site image


Not satisfied with the HPSO web committee effort, MJ Coe lead a team of 3 PCC students in yet "redesigning" the HPSO web committee's redesign effort to enhance aesthetics, functionality, and maintenance. MJ was responsible for the following tasks:
  • conversion/editing of all html pages
  • redesign of navigational flow
  • production of graphics for navigation buttons, and page icons to integrate navigational flow (pictures and buttons designed in Paint Shop Pro 7 -- digital pictures provided by a friend). Special attention paid to image file sizes (approx. 5K for buttons, 15K for larger images)
  • external CSS development and integration
  • creation and incorporation of server-side includes for headers, navigation bars, and footers
  • JavaScript functionality -- see the PLANT QUIZ page
  • pre-loading of images
  • (NOTE: MJ was not responsible for any FLASH programming)
Redesigned Hardy Plant Society web site image


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mj's original works




Mail Magicians

This class project using Java is a mail service center business application. It allows an employee to enter item data (size dimensions, if heavy, liquid, or fragile), and select a shipper. When the "Box Size and Cost" button is clicked, the program determines the correct box size required for packing (program currently uses a 12x24x36 static size box for shipping), and calculates total shipping costs (including peanuts). When the customer is happy with the pricing information, the employee then clicks the "Pack Box, Print Label" button, which allows the item to be packed (data hypothetically is stored), a shipping label is printed (hypothetically), iterates a tracking number, and clears the input boxes for the next shipment.



Mail Magicians mail service application image


Mortgage Analyzer

This is a simple mortgage calculator using client-side Javascript. Simply type in your loan requirements in the top section, then click on the compute button. A new page will display a complete amortization schedule. NOTE: Best used with Netscape browser. Computation is much more efficient (2-3 seconds). Using IE takes an excrutiatingly long time to compute, so be very patient if using IE (count up to 30 or 40 "one-thousands" if your loan amount or number of years are high). Go figure -- maybe has something to do with JavaScript performing better with NN than with IE?





Mortgage Analyzer image



"Between The Lines" Employee Database Maintenance Site

"Between The Lines" Customer Site

Teammate Steve Fretzen assisted in developing this e-commerce "Amazon.com take-off" called the "Between the Lines" bookstore. It features .asp pages (currently non-functional), using Access as the database tool, Javascript on the client, VBScript server-side, and frames. Two applications drive this project:
  1. The "Employee Database Maintenance Site" prompts employees to sign into this password-protected database, then allows them to perform a number of maintenance tasks (additions, changes, deletions) to the book/title database.
  2. The "Customer Site" allows a retail customer to start a new (or access an existing) customer account, giving them buying priveledges. They may then perform selected searches for books in the database, and add their selections to a shopping cart. (This project currently is non-functional due to the lack of server .asp support at this time)




Between The Line On-line Bookstore image




Willowell Native Nursery

This project was a contribution to a Portland native plant co-op. (Still pretty rough around the edges)


 Willowell Cooperative Native Nursery image



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Excerpts from the"Northwest Berry & Grape Information Network":

Grafting Guide

The following is a grape grafting tutorial for the commercial grape growing industry, written, compiled, and designed by MJ. (Pictures were provided, original text was edited)
Northwest Berry and Grape Information Network

Research Reports

The following are technical research reports scanned from hard copy by MJ, and converted to HTML. They provide examples of: Report 5 -- mixed text and tables (scanned images); Report 16 -- links to a series of related tables; Report 19 -- large tables requiring the merger of two separately scanned images; Report 22 -- simple HTML tables; Report 23 -- complex indents. (Unfortunately, the entire series of research reports -- over 400 were scanned -- are no longer featured on the berry and grape site)
Strawberry Research Report 5
Strawberry Research Report 16
Strawberry Research Report 19
Strawberry Research Report 22
Strawberry Research Report 23
Northwest Berry and Grape Information Network




MJ's Resume


MJ's List of Internship Learning Objectives






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