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The Focal Point

The Focal Point is a quarterly article focusing on
a particular aspect or service of HPSO.

Introducing The Focal Point

This is the place for you to find out more about the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, what the Society does for members, and what members can do for the Society.

The Focal Point features various functions of the Hardy Plant Society:
   - committees
   - ways you can volunteer and be involved with the Society
   - benefits of membership
   - other aspects of the Society's workings.

We will focus on one subject for a three-month period, then archive it, so all this information will continue to be available to you.

The Focal Point replaces the old page, The Latest Feature, which ran articles from older Bulletins. Those articles will also be archived, but new ones will not be forthcoming.

We begin with information on study groups, what they are, how to join, what to expect from one.

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