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Links of Interest

This page contains links to web sites deemed complementary to the mission of the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, in accordance with the Hardy Plant Society's policy on links.

Policy on Links

The HPSO Website Committee will have editorial control over which links will be included on the website.

Any current member who has a horticulture-related website of his/her own may have that site linked to the HPSO webpage, subject to editorial control. Links to online retailers will not be included unless they are members.

Other links that may be included on the webpage are sites of non-profit, horticulture-related individuals or organizations, such as societies, botanical gardens, and educational institutions.

This page will be constantly developing and readership contributions are considered an essential part of that evolution. Please share your links that are consistent with HPSO's policy on links by e-mailing them to webpage@hardyplantsociety.org.

The information is divided into the following categories:

HPSO Members’ Web Sites

These members all have plant related sites worthy of your time.

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Botanical Societies & Gardens

Important and interesting Societies and/or Botanic Gardens. Many have links to other similar sites.

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Educational & Other Web Sites

Educational or other non-profit institutions run or sponsor these horticulture-related sites.

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