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HPSO Speakers

The Hardy Plant Society sponsors lectures in Portland, OR, on a broad spectrum of horticultural topics, maintaining a focus on hardy perennial plants in the Pacific Northwest. Speakers range from the internationally known to the local experts. Most lectures are open to the public, although members receive a substantial discount. Please check the calendar section for details on the programs. Below we give background information on speakers from the recent past and future.


Pamela Harper
Andy van Hevelingen
Rand Lee

Pamela Harper
(by Lisa Pogue)

Pamela began her gardening as a child in England, more than 50 years ago. Since moving to Seaford, Virginia 30 years ago, she set out to establish a 2 acre garden which is inspiring for its time-tested plant combinations and accidental plant mixes that work especially well. Pamela uses her innovative "color echo" concept to establish plant compositions of exceptional charm. Working without a formal garden plan, she moves plants around at all times of the year in order to obtain the color and interest combinations for which she is striving. For those of you who are familiar with Pamela Harper's books, you know that she is one of the foremost authorities on the subject of plant combinations. She has a gift for designing combinations that are interesting and attractive.

Pamela has written five books including Story of a Garden; Perennials: How to Select, Grow and Enjoy; Designing with Perennials; and Color Echoes. Her most recently published book is Time-Tested Perennials: Thirty Years in a Four Seasons Garden.

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Andy van Hevelingen
(by Susan Hill and Andy van Hevelingen)

Andy is a long-time Hardy Plant Society of Oregon member who joined several years after it started, when there were about 300 members. He was the third HPSO president and served a two-year term.

Andy is a third generation nurseryman, starting with Dutch bulbs, through roses and holly, and now, herbs and perennials. His grandfather had a nursery called Parkrose Roses. Andy has been growing herbs since high school, when he was tutored by a leading Oregon herbalist, Emma Wakefield.

He has been a past president of the Willamette Valley Herb Society, and has written articles for Fine Gardening and Kitchen Gardens, and does a regular column for the Herb Companion magazine.

Andy and his wife have owned and operated a wholesale herb nursery since 1984.

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Rand Lee
(by Rand Lee)

I was born in Norwalk, Connecticut and grew up on 63 acres of meadow and woodland in Roxbury, the home town of playwright Arthur Miller. I'm the youngest surviving son of author Manfred B. Lee, who with our cousin, Frederic Dannay, co-authored the 'Ellery Queen' detective novels, short stories, and radio programs. My mother was Seattle-born Kaye Brinker, a well-known radio character actress of the 1930's and 40's. It was she who taught me to love flowers and herbs from a very early age. I attended St. John's College in Annapolis and Washington Bible College, Lanham (both in Maryland), and planned on being a writer.

I began writing gardening articles in the early 1970's. My articles have appeared in Mother Earth News, Organic Gardening, National Gardening, American Gardener, and Horticulture. I contributed over a dozen pieces to The American Horticultural Society A To Z Encyclopedia Of Garden Plants, before writing Pleasures Of The Cottage Garden (Editor's note: it was published in 1998 and has since gone into a second printing).

For five years I wrote for and co-edited with Nancy McDonald The American Cottage Gardener quarterly. In 1991 I founded The American Dianthus Society (now the North American Dianthus Society), and in 1999 The North American Cottage Garden Society. I am still president of both organizations, which are projects of NACGS/NADS, Inc. a non-profit corporation. I have also published nationally a number of fantasy and science fiction short stories, several of which have been anthologized.

I have gardened in Connecticut, Key West, Ireland, Maryland, Arizona, and New Mexico. My personal horticultural passions include organic cottage gardening; the genus Dianthus; rare annuals; fragrant flowers; native U.S. plants suitable for adapting to the cottage garden style; rare fruits; container gardening; and antique or 'heirloom' flower and vegetable cultivars.

My favorite garden writers are Henry Mitchell, Elizabeth Lawrence, Beverley Nichols, Louise Beebe Wilder, Tovah Martin, and Karel Capek. Since 1987 I have lived in a rented house and garden in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my blind Siberian husky, Moon-Pie.

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