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The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon depends on membership volunteers to function. There are many opportunities available, both short and long term, only some of which are listed below.

Please visit the Volunteer Table at all HPSO programs for more information or to sign up; if you need more information than available there or here, contact the office.

Volunteer Opportunities (For Members Only)

  • Open your Garden, once, twice, or as many times as you like; to get in on the fun of hosting an Open Garden, sign up on the form included in the Newsletter, in the late fall.
  • Plant Sale, Spring and Fall: all kinds of jobs for every skill imaginable. To volunteer, use the sign-up form that comes in the Newsletter about 6-8 weeks before each sale.
  • Program volunteers include door and book monitors, registration, and cleanup; to help at a program, check the "I'd like to volunteer" space on the program registration form.
  • Collect and save seeds, and/or help clean and package seeds for distribution.
  • Bring botanical samples to programs, with names; we provide the vase.
  • Write a Bulletin article; email or mail it to the office, addressed to Bulletin Editor.
  • Join a committee: two examples are the Education Committee, a monthly meeting commitment, and Grants Committee, a shorter term, but intensive during those few months.
  • Become a Board member!
  • Help out in the office during our extra-busy times.
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