Michael Jay "MJ" Coe
e-mail: mj@mjsunderground.net

Cooperative Education & Internship

Learning Objectives

  Objective:   Gain experience developing interactive web sites utilizing "back-end" server technologies. Development tools such as Java/J2EE/Java Beans and/or cgi/php/mysql technologies are of particular interest.  

  Duty:   Review development plan/pseudo code and code for past e-commerce projects. Write code for use in an actual web application.  

  Objective:   Exposure to the project management process.  

  Duty:   Become a member of a current project team. Interact with customers in meetings, writing plans, developing time-lines, etc.  

  Objective:   Learn how to configure/set-up commercial grade servers.  

  Duty:   Assist in the set-up, as well as day-to-day maintenance of on-site and/or remote web servers.  

  Objective:   Learn more about network administration set-up and management. (Linux/Unix systems preferred)  

  Duty:   Perform daily/weekly maintenance tasks to support network systems.