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Willowell Native Nursery Co-op is a Portland, Oregon based nursery specializing in native plant salvaging, propagation, and production. Salvage is our specialty. And we round out our inventory with a complete selection of native trees, shrubs and groundcovers.

When it comes to native plants in the landscape, we think local, local, local. We strive to keep track of the providence (geographic area of origin) of all the plants we salvage and propagate so that our customers will know where all the plants they purchase originate. In this sense we are keeping the genetic stock close to home, enhancing the degree of biodiversity in the urban landscape. To this end we make every attempt to place on every tag the "county" of origin for each plant sold. Our Plants at a Glance page will give you a good idea of the plants we offer.

Willowell is a strong believer in keeping as many plants as possible in their native habitat. We are constantly working with developers and private land owners to remove native plants before sites are disturbed or developed, and before much of this important genetic material is lost. With this goal in mind, we thought it would be of interest to share with you the plants we look to salvage, when and how they are salvaged, and other issues involved in the actual plant salvage process. Check out our How We Salvage & Grow page for more on salvage and propagation techniques.

Charter Members of the Willowell family feel strongly about community and commitment to each other, so it seemed natural to develop and nurture a co-operative business philosophy. You will find more about co-op concepts at the What's a Co-op? page.

Willowell offers many volunteer opportunities and workshops for those seeking more information, or "hands on" training on salvage procedures. Please feel free to E-mail our volunteer coordinator for information on the next workshop in your neighborhood.

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