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Willowell believes in a well-informed customer, and we've added some links here that might be of value to you in your plant search. Willowell does not endorse any of the vendors responsible for these sites, nor do we assume any responsibility for any information or content these other sites provide. Most sites have been chosen for the depth, acqume, and accuracy. You will see very few commercial sites listed.

Pacific Northwest Natives Only
Washington State Univ. Native Plant Site
The best native identification web site in the Pac. NW.
Ranier Audubon
Nice selection of natives, and news about the Audubon Society from up north.

Plant Identification Sites
Cascade Valley Farm
Some neat bulbs grown and produced up on the slopes of Mt. Hood.
Oregon State University Landscape Plant Identification
More plants than you can shake a stick at. Includes detailed identification and cultural information.

IPM (Integrated Plant Management)
PNW Plant Disease Control Handbook
Excellent manual on diseases of our region.
Vertebrate Pests Publications
Tired of those deer gnawing on your most prized plants? An informative publication from the Washington State Univ.

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